We have arranged shipment of large and small effects and whole container lots for virtually the entire world since 1980. We know what can and can not be done.
In most cases, everything is possible and we can help get it done.

Our experience makes us a highly professional partner who can offer shipping and transport solutions for even the most difficult destinations worldwide.

  • We provide personalized service with advice and guidance.
  • We make moving boxes, packing materials and other packaging available.
  • Professional handling of furniture and personal effects.

JH Transport ApS makes every effort to make sure their clients are happy with their services and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Karin Dacey, Eron Johnson Antiques Ltd.

Leave our importance of Logistic tasks to our reliable JH Transport, they do best for us.

Aekajak Limswatwong


The fastest way to get smaller batches of items sent worldwide.

  • Fast shipment.
  • Delivery to the nearest international airport.
  • Packaging tailored specifically for the shipment.
  • No requirement of ISF 10 + 2 Filing.
  • More expensive than sea at a certain volume.
  • Many handlings at large batches.

This solution is best suited for small batches that are still too large for courier shipment.


Sea freight is often the best choice for larger batches.

  • Large batches (typically full container loads).
  • Cheapest solution measured per m3
  • Less handling of the shipment.
  • Slow shipment.
  • Tougher paper requirements (ISF + quarantine declaration).
  • More expensive door-to-door delivery of smaller batches.

This solution is best suited for large quantities of goods such as removals or large collections of items.


The most flexible solution when there are few or minor items.

  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Delivery to most of the world.
  • Limitation on volume.
  • Restrictions on certain product types.
  • Many handlings of the shipment.

This solution is best suited for smaller single items where delivered directly to the door is a priority.


It might be a while before we can offer intergalactic shipment, and drone-delivery also lies far in the future.

But we are constantly challenging the conventional thinking in everything we do and try new opportunities in all our services.

Full container service

Shipping of large batches by 20′, 40′ or 40′ high cube containers by sea freight.

All items are packaged individually and stowed in the container. Any excess space is shielded off.

We can pack the container directly at your address, and provide door-to-door delivery at the destination.


We offer a collection solution where we pick up items around Denmark (and the rest of Europe) and store them in our warehouse until they are ready for shipment.

We also do smaller collections, where you do not necessarily need an entire container.

Are you more several dealers looking to fill a container together, this can of course also be arranged.

Special items

Individual product types and destinations may require specific documentation and stricter paper requirements (CITES) before a shipment is possible.

An example could be chromed and antique firearms, but also items such as ivory and certain types of rosewood may be subject to specific legal requirements.

We advice and guide about the possibilities.

Fremstilling af trækasser

We build wooden boxes in special sizes and for any purpose.

We have our own export packing department and uses only high-quality timber.

  • Boxes built to order and customized.
  • Crates for both large and small items.
  • ISPM-15 certified and approved for export worldwide.
  • Shock and tilt indicators available.


Can you ship to ....?

In most cases, the answer is yes! We always do what we can to find a way to reach the desired destination.
Some countries have special rules regarding imports. Shipment to Russia for example, will be sent to the nearest international airport, where the recipient must attend and be in charge of customs clearance.

Can I pack the shipment myself?

For safety reasons, a shipment must be packed by us.
We guarantee against the carrier that the consignment does not contain effects that are not permitted.

Hvad koster det?

Det afhænger af den valgte forsendelsesmåde samt forsendelsens vægt og volume. Vi undersøger gerne flere alternativer til forsendelsesmåde og giver kunden den billigste pris.

It depends on the shipping method as well as the shipment weight and volume. We will be happy to provide several shipment alternatives for the customer to choose from.

How do I pay for shipment?

Vi fremsender vort tilbud med link til vor betalingsside. Kundens betaling er samtidig kundens accept af vort tilbud. Hvis vi samler til en større forsendelse for en kunde vil vi i mange tilfælde vente med betalingen til forsendelsen er klar til pakning.

We will send our quotation with a link to our payment page. Customer payment is also the customer acceptance of our quotation.
If we collect for a larger shipment to a customer, we will in many cases wait with payment for when the shipment is ready for packing.

When (how fast) can the shipment arrive?

It depends on the shipping method selected and the load of our packing. In the case of urgent shipments, we can set priorities for the packing and thus speed up the shipment.

How will I know when my shipment arrive?

When a shipment is booked we will send a notification to the recipient with any information.
When shipping by sea, the recipient will be contacted by the shipping agent a few days before the arrival of the shipment so customs clearance can be prepared.
For door-to-door delivery by courier or air the recipient will also be contacted before arrival so that customs and final delivery can be prepared.

Do I have to pay taxes on imports?

It depends on the type of goods being imported. The local customs can help with this information.

Is it cheaper if I send more stuff in the same shipment?

In most cases it would be cheaper to send more stuff in the same shipment. The first item is usually the one with the highest costs. A shipment can be compared to travel by taxi, there is always an “start up fee”.

How long can I have my items stored before they must be sent?

As a service to our customers, we offer to collect more items in our warehouse before shipment takes place.
We store the goods at no charge for up to 2 months until they are packed and sent.

What is a CITES?

CITES er en forkortelse af Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. En konvention om international handel med udryddelsestruede vilde dyr og planter.
Ved handel indenfor EU får vi et Cites-certifikat udleveret hos sælger. Dette certifikat følger varen til modtager i EU.
Hvis en forsendelse skal udenfor EU skal der søges et Re-export certifikat for varen hos Naturstyrelsen. Vi kan søge på vegne af vore kunder og man skal forvente at det tager cirka 8 uger at få certifikatet.
Rio-palisander og elfenben er f. eks. omfattet af konventionen.

CITES is an abbreviation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
When trading within the EU, we get a CITES certificate issued by the seller. This certificate follows the product to the recipient in the EU.
If a shipment is bound for outside the EU, a re-export certificate for the product from Nature Agency must be filed. We can apply on behalf of our clients and you should expect that it will take approximately 8 weeks to get the certificate.
Rio rosewood and ivory is covered by the convention.

What does ISF Filing mean?

Since consignments by ship to the USA are not scanned before shipment and as a result of the US anti-terror legislation, an ISF Filing must be made before the consignment leaves the last European port.
It is important that the filing is carried out properly since the US authorities can impose fines up to USD. 10,000 for incorrect or late ISF Filing.
We advise our customers to contact their local customs agent and ask them to assist with the completion of the ISF Filingen. When the ISF Filing is approved by the US authorities, we can release the shipment to the shipping company.

Further information can be found at US Customs and Border Protection.

With us as a partner, you save a lot of work. So what are you waiting for?