We have a special department dealing with transport solutions for repatriation and international removal of private household.

Our many years of experience in international transport and shipping, makes us a highly professional partner for repatriation. We offer transport solutions for even the most difficult destinations worldwide.

Worldwide coverage

  • Afghanistan
  • Argentina
  • Bosnia
  • Brazil
  • Burundi
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • DR Congo
  • Equador
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Philippines
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • China
  • Kosovo
  • Libanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Myanmar
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Serbia
  • Somalia
  • Somaliland
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Chechnya
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay
  • West Bank
  • Vietnam

This is just a sample of the countries we have arranged repatriation to.

Packing guide

What to be aware of when packing for a repatriation
  • A removal box may weigh up to 30 kg.
    Do not put more in the box than it can be closed, and that you can carry it.
  • You must make a packing list, while noting, what comes in boxes.
    Loose furniture and effects must also be on the list.
  • You must write the complete address of the destination (name, street, district, house, neighborhood, city, country).
    We must also have one or more phone numbers to which you can be contacted at the new destination.
What not to put in the boxes and the shipment when packing for a repatriation
  • Perishable foods (only preserves may be packed down).
  • Spices, liquids, flammable liquids, gas cylinders.
  • Effects that qualify as (or can be describes as) weapons.
  • Photos, magazines and media with strong erotic appearance.
  • Pictures and effects with strong religious or symbolic appearance.
  • Effects that can melt under high heat (chocolate and / or various grooming products).
  • Large quantities of medicine (contact us for more information).
  • New orders or new products with high value (effects should generally be used).
  • Large amounts of uniform effects or items that can be connected to resale.
Explanation of cubic meters

How much is 2 cubic meters?

When we are talking about cubic meters (or m3), we are talking about volume.
The volume of a cube is calculated by multiplying the length, height and width with each other.
It is important that the units of the length, height and width are the same.

  Length Height Width
1 m3 1 m. 1 m. 1 m.
2 m3 1 m. 1 m. 2 m.
4 m3 2 m. 1 m. 2 m.
8 m3 2 m. 2 m. 2 m.

2 m3 corresponds roughly to 16-18 regular removal boxes.

How much is 2 m3?

2x1x1 m.
For example a length of 2 meters, width of 1 meter and height of 1 meter or equivalent to 16-18 boxes.

How big is a removal box?

A normal removal box is 60 cm. long, 40 cm. wide and 40 cm. high. Things that can not come in boxes must be handled alongside.

What effects can be part of repatriation?

Used personal and household effects. There should be no food, flammable liquids or cans under pressure such as flammable hairspray.

Can I have more of than the 2 m3?

You are always welcome to get more in the shipment. You will however have to pay for it yourself.

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive?

It depends on the form of transport and destination. Usually it takes 4-6 weeks by sea and 2-4 weeks by air. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to pay import tax?

You pay import duty to the country and to the customs authorities on the destination. The amount is determined by the customs authorities.

Will I be contacted about delivery?

After customs clearance and registration you will be contacted by an agent we work with, to arrange delivery to the new address.

Should I turn up to claim my shipment?

The customs authorities of the country concerned may require that you appear personally to claim your belongings. You must bring your identification.

How are my things packed?

We conduct a professional export packing adapted to the form of transport to be used and compared to the nature of the item. for example, wooden box and wrapping.

Who has opened my boxes and checked my stuff?

The customs authorities of the countries by which the consignment must pass, have the right to review and verify the shipment.
We also have the right to open and check the shipment.