We started out in 1980 with the first removals around the country. Back then we went under the name “Strandens Flytteforretning” and performed primarily removals for the general Dane.

That may be a long time ago, and today our name might be a little different. But removals are still part of our DNA.

We have performed removals for both private individuals as well as businesses to and from Denmark. And we are equally adept when it comes to foreign removals around Europe or even the world.

  • We provide personalized service and offer advice and guidance the entire process.
  • We make moving boxes, packing materials and other packaging available before and during the move.
  • Furniture and personal effects are handled by our professional and well staff.
  • We offer packing and unpacking of your furniture and personal effects at the address.
  • We have a storage solution for the things you do not want to take (or just do not have room for) in the new home.

Corporate removal and relocation

There is from our side no major difference in household and corporate relocations. The amount of furniture is of course (in most cases) greater, and the removal lasts a little longer. The basic work, however, is the same.
We take just as good care of your desktop as we do with Miss. Jones’s heirlooms.

We offer extensive consulting on corporate removal and relocation.
It is also possible to get the removal done on weekends or at odd times when it may be necessary for your company’s daily operations.

  • We provide professional advice for your business relocation and provides step-by-step assistance in all stages of the removal.
  • We can do the removal seven days a week at any time of day, to minimize disturbance of your company’s daily operations.
  • We help packing your whole business and can even make sure that everything is put back up exactly as it was taken down.

International removal

We handle international removal with the same approach as domestic removal, except that the delivery time is usually a little longer.

Whether you are moving to or from abroad, we can help you get safely and quickly through the removal process.

Any removal within Western Europe are handled by our own trucks and personnel. When moving to or from outside of Europe, we work with external professional partners.

Within Europe, we also often combine your removal with other transports and thus keep costs down.

  • We are moving to and from most of the world. Both within and outside Europe.
    There may be individual locations where we can not operate. In these cases, we then reach the nearest international port or airport.
  • We do all the necessary paperwork when moving to and from home and abroad.
    Be it packing lists, customs clearance, export certificates, etc.
  • Save money with the combination transports where we collect your move with other transports to the same area.

Additional services

A removal often involves a lot of other chores. It can be anything from packing and removal of IT equipment to craft work and final cleaning.

We work with the most talented professionals in the industry and offers so much more than just handle the actual removal.
Additional services are offered as reference or as a part of the total removal job.

  • Paint work.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture.
  • Cleaning.
  • Craft Work (mason/carpenter/electricity etc.).
  • Dismantling and installation of IT equipment.
  • Purchase of new furniture.
  • Pest control.
  • Secure schredding

Best practice

Many factors, for example volume and weight, influence the price of a removal. It may therefore be a good idea to sort the effects to be moved, and which should be discarded.

  • Sort old clothes and anything else that should be discarded or given away.
  • Remember to report the move to your local authorities.
  • Book time for removing appliances, TV antennas, stereo etc.
  • Go through the attic, basement and garage and sort what things to include in the move.
  • Return borrowed items.
  • Place jewelry, bank books and personal papers in a safe place.
  • Review utensils. Pack what is not necessary in the near future.
  • All that must be available immediately after the move, such as toiletries, linens and clothes should be packed separately, so it is easy to get to.
  • Remember to defrost, clean and dry refrigerator and freezer and empty the washing machine and dishwasher for water.
  • Remember to ready any pet carriers.
  • Collect all the keys for the garage, basement, attic, closets, etc.
    And remember the key to the new house.

Packing instructions

Although we offer packing of your belongings, it can in many cases be nice to do it yourself.

In these cases, we have assembled a packing instruction that can help to pack your belongings in a good and proper manner.

We will of course make all necessary packing materials available during the removal.

  • Moving boxes must be assembled properly as per the assembly instructions printed on the box.
  • A removal box must not be packed with more than 15-20 kg.
    Feel yourself. Pack rather in two boxes, than one that is heavy to lift.
  • When packing books, use a layer of upright books at the bottom and top up with pillows and blankets (or other light effects).
  • Never pack more in the box than it can close completely.
    But fill the box as much as possible, so that it won’t collapse under other boxes.
  • Plates, dishes, etc. shouldbe packed in boxes, with paper at the bottom of the box, as well as around each effect.
  • Glass should be wrapped in packing paper and packed in a box for themselves. Never mix glass with other hard effects (such as porcelain).
  • Plants should also be packed in moving boxes.
    If there are plants that are too tall for the box to closed completely this is of course fine. Just be aware that the transport of these, are at your own risk.
  • Flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive liquids etc. are not allowed.
  • Groceries, detergents etc. which do not fall into the above category, should be packed in strong plastic bags before they are packed in moving boxex.
  • Curtains, blinds and electronic effects, should be dismounted before the move date.
  • Washing machines must be secured with corresponding transport security. See the manual for the washing machine for the installation of this.

These recommendations are of course general guidelines, but our experience shows that if the above recommendations are followed, it will minimize any inconvenience that may occur in a move.