Private individuals

  • Move your entire home.
  • Pick up individual objects and take them wherever you want.
  • Store all the stuff you don’t have room for yourself.
  • Sending larger packages than the post office handles, worldwide.
  • Store your tires out of season.
  • Pack your things properly.
  • Sell packing materials in professional quality.
  • Transport your hunting gear (including weapons).


  • Handle total movement of your business.
  • Store everything you don’t have room for at the office.
  • Provide logistics solutions for exhibitions and fairs.
  • Pack large and small crates for shipment worldwide.
  • Arrange repatriation of citizens and expats.
  • Collect items to be sent later.
  • Hiring out personnel.
  • Help with setting up and packing away artwork.

And we are really good at it.

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