In the days leading up to Christmas, we will adapt our driving patterns a little bit:

Week 51

14th - 18th December

Regular schedule.

Week 52

21st - 25th December

21st. – 23rd December
Reduced service.

24th – 25th December

Week 53

28th - 31st December

28th – 30th December
Very reduced service.

31st December

Week 1

4th - 8th January

4th January
Resuming regular schedule.

All goods picked up in Denmark and Sweden in week 51 can be delivered in week 52 in Denmark.

In Sweden, we can not guarantee delivery in week 52. However, we do what we can to achieve it.

Please contact our office for information on all other locations.

We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

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