AT JH Transport we proudly continue to be able to offer our customers and clients customized production of ISPM 15 certified wooden export boxes and crates for international shipping, loose load shipping and fine art transportation.

Our in-house carpentry and packing department produce the boxes of purchased debarked and heat treated wood with an instant focus on the high demands to quality, handling and production. The Danish AgriFish Agency was on their annual inspection the 7th of November 2015. With no marks from the Agency JH Transport can continue the production and maintain the ISPM 15 certification.

JH Transport is one of the few transport companies in Denmark with the certification for production of ISPM 15 certified export boxes and crates of debarked and heat treated wood.

Trækasse med ISPM 15 mærkning

THE ISPM certification is carried out by The Danish AgriFish Agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

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