To make a payment, you must have received a 6-digit booking or invoice number from us. You may have gotten this by email or phone, and it must be stated on every deposit.

If you use a order number, reference number, lot number or any other number not from us, we can not guarantee that we will recognize your payment and link it to your booking.
This means there might be a small delay in the process of your payment, hence your transport.

Credit Card

Online payment is made through ePay.
This means you are leaving our website when you pay by credit card and all communication goes through ePay’s servers. We never see or store your credit card information.

Logos of accepted credit cards

Dankort eDankort

% 0.00

for both cards
  • No fees


% 2.47

for non-Danish-issued cards
  • 1.07%
    for Danish-issued cards
  • min. DKK 1.95 per transaction

American Express

% 2.75

for non-Danish-issued cards
  • 1.25%
    for Danish-issued cards
  • min. DKK 1.95 per transaction


% 3.75

  • min. DKK 1.95 per transaction


Please be careful to note the correct booking, invoice or customer number on the bank transfer, as we won’t be able to process the payment correctly otherwise, which could lead to prolonged processing time.

You pay all costs associated with the transfer.

Nykredit Bank

Erhvervscenter Glostrup
Hovedvejen 10
2600 Glostrup

Account details
Registration number: 5470
Account number.: 1983362
Swift Code: NYKBDKKK
IBAN.: DK0654700001983362