The environment plays an increasingly important role in our thinking and the way we do our business. We make new actions to reduce our energy consumption, and buys many of our materials through environmentally conscious suppliers.

Recycling and reusability

Just because a removal box has been used, it can easily be used again. Our materials are of such quality that they could withstand being used more than once.

When the materials are no longer usable, we ensure that they are sent for recycling. That way we impact the environment as little as possible, and even save our customers a lot of expenses.

CO2 neutral website

Since June 2010, we signed the initiative for CO2 neutral websites. In practice this means that CO2 emissions from this website (as well as the use thereof) is neutralized by building of new renewable energy, as well as purchase of CO2 allowances.

Read more at IngenCO2 and see our certificate.